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MySCM Outlook Addin allows you to do the following works with TFS from your Outlook email items:
  • Create a TFS work item - based on selected email item
  • Update a TFS work item - based on the conversation associated with current selected email item
  • Refresh the select email item's work item property from TFS

Source Code
The source code contains a solution called MySCM.sln which contains 2 projects:
  • MySCM.Utility.OutlookAddIn - this is the actual Add-In code
  • Setup_MySCM.Utility.OutlookAddIn - this is the setup project for the Add-In

To Use
Depends on the comfort level and the time you want to spend on it, this add-in can serve the following users:
  • End-Users - you can just download the latest msi file and install from there. Once it is installed, you can find the config.xml file under the <Add-In root>\Config. Replace the TFS access information for your environment. It will install and add-in the next time you start your Outlook.
  • Developers - you can also install the add-in from its vsto output.

You can also modify the following config to fit your need
  • Work Item Type
  • User defined property name within your Outlook

I only make this for syncing basic information just to save some time for the team to track the work. You are welcome to provide the feedback and help. Please feel free to let us know what you think.

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